ABOUT Jamia Ainul Huda

An imaginative insight to a meaningful life

Jamia Ainul Huda is one of the colossal intiatives of Ainul Huda group of educational institutions which was commenced in the sands of historical land, Kappad. It locates in the land of Kappad for more than one an half decades with enormous goal to give birth to dozens of intellectuals who are capable of empowering society from the rooted backwardness and abuse of ignorance.



We Learn, We Act, We Get Better


We aim to educate and prepare morally committed intellectual, professional and spiritual leaders

Research and Development

We offer a wide array of interdisciplinary research consisting of areas from both the Islamic and other traditions of learning.


We create an ambiance for advanced learning grounded in the Islamic scholarly tradition and conversant with the ideas shaping modern society


We offer a variety of programs that engage your mind, body, soul and offer enriching experiences


Here you will not just build a career but experience an enriching culture to mould a better society


Caring for the community has always been our priority.

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Message From Our Rector

A visionary strive to a meaningful mission

Jamia Ainul Huda provides an appropriate platform for quality education and ensures to infuse the ethical and cultural values to transform our students into self-disciplined and highly competent individuals in order to empower our community. Our prime aim is to equip each student capable of standing on his own feet acquiring modern as well as traditional Islamic education.

Here in our campus, mere words cannot describe what you will experience. You will never be closer to God than. We promise that you will never be the same.


Rector, Jamia Ainul Huda, Kappad


Message From Our Secretary

Please be with us, Paying a visit to Ainul Huda

Beginning with 7 children in a rented building, Ainul huda institutions now have become a hub for the renaissance of the Muslim community. It is a safe haven for the orphans and destitute aiming at a quality education. Even though it commenced functioning as an orphanage today it illuminated the new horizons of excellence and Jamia Ainul Huda is one of the major results of our efforts. It provides consolation and encouragement in realizing its gratitude through the educational revolution and innumerable social empowerment activities.

Please be with us in various ways. through your words and ideas; through planning a visit to our full-fledged campus, through sponsoring one of your children, or any of that kind as you can.


General Secretary, Jamia Ainul Huda, Kappad


A Visionary Strive To A Meaningful Mission



Al Huda library and research Centre provide library services including books, materials, technology, and public programs. A large variety of books, magazines, newspapers, and online research sources come over 10000 items facilitate easy access to the vast explosion of resources. It helps to widen the scope of research for the students and to mold their personal and social empowerment through.


Our institution gives students an opportunity to cope up with modern technological progress through the cyber center. The cyber center provides certified IT courses like DOA, PDDTP, DCA, PGDCA, and more.