Bringing up an outstanding generation

Jamia Ainul Huda is one of the major initiatives of Al Huda Islamic Cultural Establishment And Ainul Huda Orphanage which is a renowned charitable establishment founded in the year 1985. Ainul Huda has set up an integrated higher education system through Jamia Ainul Huda towards bringing up an outstanding generation of Islamic scholars who are capable of propagating the values and morals of Islam around the globe. Our institution locates in the land of Kappad for two decades with an enormous goal to give birth to dozens of intellectuals who are capable of empowering society along with cultivating a new sphere of knowledge tradition. At present around 300 students from different parts of the state are undergoing education in Academy. They are provided with all facilities such as food, accommodation, clothes, medical treatment, learning materials, etc free of cost.



Bringing up a new generation

Bringing up a new generation of Islamic scholars dedicated to the cause of spreading the values of Islam all over the word is the major vision and mission of of the institution. It affords an intensive higher pursuit in every sphere of knowledge. The scholars here command respect from all walks of life with their deep knowledge and amiable charisma in Islamic knowledge and practice. It would be a joyous experience for the true aspirants of combined study. Here there is no any distinction between Islamic and material knowledge.

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