Hasanis’ Association for Social Nurturing Activities (HUSNA)


Connect | Engage | Impact

Established in 2012, Hasanis’ Association for Social Nurturing Activities (HUSNA) creates and maintains a life-long connection between Jamia Ainul Huda and it’s alumni. Under the leadership of a dedicated executive committee, HUSNA works toward connecting alumni and supporting students through a diversity of actions that are well-thought-out and planned. Since the establishment, HUSNA has been diligently working towards serving the alumni and it’s alma meter in particular and the society as a whole.

HUSNA plays a leadership role in building a society of socially committed scholars and leads their way towards planning and executing social nurturing activities. HUSNA has active regional chapters in India and major gulf countries.


Our mission is to maintain a strong bond between the alumni and the alma matter which in turn fosters a strong network that is always committed to serve the institution as well as the society. A network of Islamic scholars equipped with knowledge of modern technology can address emerging socio-cultural issues and work as an agent for social change.

Our objectives

To promote interaction amongst the Alumni members and improve engagement between the Alumni and KKM Islamic Academy Kappad

To plan, facilitate and implement social nurturing activities

Our Activities

HUSNA Charity Wing

Charity Wing rises fund and distributes it to needy members. The wing extends it’s support for building infrastructure and carrying out educational activities at the alma mater. It also provides different scholarships for pursuing higher studies.

HUSNA production house

Academic wing

Da’wa wing