We aim to mold a new generation of students who have deep knowledge in Islamic studies akin to the standards of reputed international Islamic universities. A continuous twelve-year course containing religious and material subjects makes them true scholars of religion with all-round development of their personality. The deep and research-level studies in every aspect of knowledge will distinguish them from other students. The course contains Upper Primary (Iedadiya), Secondary (Thanaviya) Higher Secondary (Thanaviya Ulya), Graduation (Aaliya), and Post Graduation (fadeela) level of education. Along with the deep knowledge in religious education the students would be given academic qualifications such as metric, intermediate, degree, and postgraduate degrees. A set of highly qualified teachers makes them able to attend any type of competitive examinations.

Admission Started for 2020. Apply Now!


Students aged below 11½ and who have completed/ are completing their five-year primary education provided at formal schools and recognized local Madrasas are eligible to apply.

Selection Mode

Admission to the course is based on the intellectual potential of students that are evaluated through standard oral and written entrance tests. By the way of written tests and interviews, each year, the institution selects 40 talented students. The strictly merit-based selection will give an amicable group of students who are able to create revolutionary changes in the way in which Islam is propagated. Priority will be given for poor and backward students if they gain the minimum marks in the entrance examination.